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  • Framed A3 exhibition prints for sale

    1, side street


    2. fence detail

    3. telegraph pole detail 

    4. skip detail

    £ 95 each.

    Please email julian@voicesinalane.co.uk for further details.

    Posted 18 March 2019


  • New Exhibition: Walk Of Traces



    Posted 26 November 2018


  • New Publications: Song of the Road, David Banning

    £13.50 incl U.K postage

    Whereas the Voices in a Lane project belongs to the dark heart of empty Windermere afternoons, Song of the Road (SOTR) offers similar glimpses into moods of sensual melancholy while exploring the disregarded boundary of this place we find ourselves stranded in; the Lake District National Park.

    SOTR: a neon-lit slip-road into a swirling, poetic polemical of (landscape) revelation. Ghosts invoked by Curtis and Ancient Rome never rest. Dusk is everything now, as memories blur into incredible narrative. SOTR: we met in the endless rain of the post-Brexit malaise; fragmentary conversations, enough to release, like petrichor, that sense of a parallel path.

    Shared dislocation, passion and forward movement.

    Always Sinclair, always Jarman…

             "Grey surrounds us and we ignore it. The roads on which we

               journey are grey ribbons dissecting fields of colour..."

    Featuring exquisite night photography by the author and framed by Richard Skelton's linear typography, SOTR deepens the walk.


    Song Of The Road (poem )

    £3.50 incl. UK postage

    please email julian@voicesinalane.co.uk for further details.


    Posted 29 August 2018


  • Beat Scene Review

    "Curious and fascinating chapbook WITH THE EYES OF THE ANGELS - words and images collected together from Stephen Canner, JN Scoulios and Phil Dickinson. They bring in d.a. levy, (pictured below) Allen Ginsberg, Charles Olson and George Orwell as their little essays discuss 'reality' and the dumbing down and sheer repression of the societies we live in. HOWL and the words of Levy, who died at 26, still resonate. You could see this little book as a primer, to look again at what levy did, how he too took inspiration from Charles Olson and saw again Cleveland, his home. Just as Olson saw Gloucester. I wanted more. The images are lovely. dreamlike. The full glorious colour must have cost them a fortune. just 100 copies."

    Click here to view the review on the Beat Scene Facebook page

    Posted 05 June 2018


  • New dispatch of dust: with the eyes of the angels


    Please email for more details: julian@voicesinalane.co.uk

    Posted 17 April 2018


  • Exhibition Images

    Framed images from the exhibition are still available. Please email for further details julian@voicesinalane.co.uk


    Posted 20 March 2018


  • New Exhibition: Texture of Stillness

    Please email for more details: julian@voicesinalane.co.uk

    Posted 19 February 2018


  • Dispatches Of Dust



    Please email for more details: julian@voicesinalane.co.uk

    Posted 3 November 2017



  • Upcoming Exhibition: Dispatches Of Dust

    Please email for more details: julian@voicesinalane.co.uk

    Posted 5 September 2017



  • New Publications: The Last Dispatches Of Dust

    Moths and ghosts rise into the malaise.
    We walk and write amongst them, endlessly
    looping our edge lands as the dream collapses.

    The third in the series by Neil Jackson .
    .....a failing shared house, deserted riverside business units as future
    heritage centre, the bloodshot eyes of a deteriorating observer...
    £8 incl U.K  postage please email for further info.

    Also available


    'as blank as the days yet to be' by Mark Valentine                                
    'ghost:dust:rain' by Alasdair Maclean

    Please email for more details: julian@voicesinalane.co.uk

    Posted 3 August 2017



  • Forthcoming Exhibition..

    ...walk, simply walk...

    Photography and Fragments by Julian Hyde...

    4-7th April 2017 - 11-4pm Daily

    Please email for more details: julian@voicesinalane.co.uk

    Posted January 24 2016



  • The Accidental Archive #2

    Full colour A4 magazine, 88 pages, 120gsm silk paper.

    £12 including U.K first class postage.

    Please email for more details: julian@voicesinalane.co.uk

    Posted June 07 2016



  • ... an elaborate tapestry of information and poetry.

    The most vital psychogeographical document of winter 2015/16 must be,
    ' The Suspension of Disbelief By Means Of A Common Sense: Andrew Kötting in conversation with Neil Jackson '.
    It is the third in series of Post Nearly Press interviews and takes us closer to the dark heart of it all.

    In this rare interview Kotting is playful, challenging and reflective, particularly in terms of his artistic collaborations with Iain Sinclair.
    The stunningly packaged booklet is the essential companion piece to the recently released Kotting/Sinclair film, ' By Our Selves '.

    It's print-only, so don't miss out !

    Posted January 12 2016



  • Forthcoming Road-Trip Exhibition



    "How does it feel to sleep in a house pillowed and bolstered with all that stuff ? The early novellas, the work journals, typewriters, raincoats, rucksacks. The meticulously kept files, the photographs from the road. The letters, postcards. The maps, football helmets. The Catholic - Buddhist scrolls and relics from which no life can ever be reassembled. Kerouac was the dark angel, freeing himself from the wheel of karma, the corporeal shroud. But he was also, and it was the source of the tension that fired his art, ' Memory Babe ', an inspired celebrator of the ordinary: passing seasons, winter streets, floods, bars, factories ( from the outside ), woodsmoke, night, touch, family, friends, restlessness, kitchens, insanity, murder."
    Iain Sinclair: American Smoke - journeys to the end of the light ( Hamish Hamilton: 2013 )

    Posted June 26 2015



  • The Accidental Archive Magazine # 1 - Now available

    46 pages of original content compiled by Julian Hyde for www.voicesinalane.co.uk

    Full colour A4 magazine on 120gsm paper.

    Price GBP 10.00 incl postage within the U.K

    First 50 copies include 5 limited edition 5x7 postcards

    For enquires/orders/Paypal details please email Julian@voicesinalane.co.uk

    The magazine is featured on the following sites

    postnearlypress.com  and  landings.wordpress.com

    Posted March 27 2015


  • Figure From The Lull

    Visit product page for details on ordering

    Posted December 09 2014


  • New cards from The Walk

    The Distant Greenhouse, Windermere

    Autumn Stream, Miller Ground, Lake Windermere


    At The Frozen Water Meadow, Cleabarrow

    Winter Train, Essex / Suffolk border

    Visit product page for details on ordering

    Posted December 09 2014


  • The Lull

    The Lull: an hallucinatory homage to the complex, unseen textures and disregarded emotions of the achromic small town afternoon; a memory - landscape populated only by future ghosts.

    The Lull: an accidental prose poem; eleven critical minutes from an eleven year walk, documenting how a short - cut to work, a particular paving slab, a snagged leaf on a railing, a lane behind a church, may contain your whole world. It was a febrile, obsessive and disturbingly beautiful project. I was caught ( or possibly released ) in the moment Nick Papadimitriou descibes when a specific,physical location becomes a ,"zone within you, a mode you pass in and out of, a place both receptive to local historic and topographic inquiry and a treasured state of.........could it be a kind of love ? "

    The Lull: a vision of my terrain, fleetingly captured here through the collaboration between Richard Skelton ( www.corbelstonepress.com ) and Alasdair Maclean ( http://alasdairmaclean.tumblr.com ). Richard's exquisite typography reveals what he terms the, " empty afternoon sky - space weighing down on the text - ground below, whilst Alasdair's swirling illustrations evoke the vertiginous, multi-perspectives of the walk.

    With unease and joy, we recognise The Lull as presence, both oppressive and liberating, something tangible and pure, possessing a language based in what Roberto Bolano experienced as the, " momentary disconnection from a certain kind of reality. "  

    It is the creosote dripping on leaves, the alcohol, the ache and our fading dreams of escape.

    The Lull: limited edition of 200 hand - numbered copies, each including a set of 4 artists cards: "from The Lull ".

    £ 10 including postage and packing ( U.K )

    Please email for payment details.

    Posted June 10 2014


  • exhibition success

    Thanks to everyone who attended the event and everyone who has supported it since through purchases and donations.

    During the week we collected approx. £150 of provisions for the Windermere and District Food Bank . From cash donations and many sales of framed prints,catalogues and hand-stitched cards we were able to donate £250 towards logistical support for the food bank project. Without the vision of the Rev Lis Mullen, the Elders of the Carver Church and crucial help from my friends, none of this would have been possible.

    Church Secretary Moira Rose says," The Church was delighted to host " From The Lane" and to support Julian in raising money for the food bank. It was great to see the Link Building adorned with such startling and beautiful images, all related to our immediate environment. "

    The event certainly indicated as Julian suggests, " that in these difficult economic times, kindness and hope do remain strong and that many people do reject the media-created language that seeks to the demonize the most vulnerable people in our society. "

    He remains committed to helping support the project. Gallery 2 and Fireside Bookshop, both in Windermere are displaying pieces from the exhibition. 20% of sales will be donated to the food bank.

    Posted October 14 2013


  • New Exhibition Dates

    August 21 - 28,: 1pm - 6pm daily

    Posted April 15 2013


text and photography copyright Julian Hyde
watercolours copyright Alasdair Maclean